Wiarton Willie makes 2023 prediction – an early Spring!

For the second consecutive year, Wiarton Willie made his prognostication at precisely 8:07 a.m. and, not seeing his shadow, predicted … an early Spring!

photo submitted

Newly elected Mayor Garry Michi had to quickly learn ‘groundhogeze’ in order to translate Willie’s prediction for the crowd. This year Willie was also new to the event and is the only albino groundhog to make the annual prediction.

This year’s event was a return to in-person as many braved cold temperatures and the threat of snow squalls in Wiarton on the Bruce Peninsula.

Platinum sponsor Bruce Power’s President & CEO Mike Rencheck attended as part of the Shadow Cabinet and welcomed everyone to the annual event.

The festival features a variety of activities that will extend into the weekend with a ‘free festival’ day on Saturday, January 4th.