Mayor of Walkerton speaks openly

Born and raised  just outside of Walkerton, newly-elected Mayor, David Inglis, who has farmed Holstein cattle for 38 years, has his finger on the pulse of the community.

Mayor Inglis has a long standing record of community involvement, beginning with his service on the Agricultural Board, his involvement with Semex Canada, as President on the Board of Directors for the Bruce County Ministry of Education, President for the United Breeders Association and Chair of the Municipal Council for two years.

“We need to focus on development in the community,” said Inglis. ” I’m enjoying it so far and it’s been very good.”   Focusing on new housing developments in Walkerton and maintaining such things as Parks & Recreation (adding programs) and monitoring important industries like the Eastridge Business Park Water Centre and Training Centre, Inglis is  “… very pleased with the thriving downtown core with new restaurants opening up and the new Best Western Hotel soon to be built by the TSC store on Highway 4 in Walkerton.”

From  Inglis’ perception, several issues presented at Municipal Council are also important to him,  such as the Walkerton Jail closure, which council has discovered may now stay open to the end of the year.

Council is currently awaiting a response to a Freedom of Information documentation that it filed regarding the potential monies that may be required to transport prisoners. 

Inglis is also concerned about the wind turbine issues, and the algae problem occurring at Lake Mar and Lake Rosalind due to chemical run-off into the lakes.

“We need to make sure that everybody feels part of the community,”  said Inglis, “ and we need to take into account the community’s concerns.”