Commercial Vehicle safety campaign underway

This year for the Operation Safe Driver campaign the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is promoting and enforcing laws around Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) safety.

Operation Safe Driver is a provincial initiative designed to increase public awareness and compliance with safe driving practices, including those of CMV’s on our highways. The campaign also covers passenger vehicle enforcement, but the main focus remains on CMV education and enforcement.  This initiative runs July 7, 2024, until July 14, 2024.

In West Region alone, there were 20 fatal collisions directly related to Commercial Motor Vehicles with 91 fatalities provincially.

In 2023, Grey Bruce led West Region with the greatest number of charges on CMV’s with 21 POA charges. Grey Bruce also placed 5 CMVs out of service including a CMV impound for Stunt Driving.

“Aggressive and careless drivers have no place on our roads, especially when sharing the road involves large commercial vehicles. Tragically, many families again this year are paying a devastating price – the senseless, preventable loss of their loved ones – because of drivers who make a conscious decision to not share our roads safely,” says OPP Commissioner, Thomas Carrique.